Ask A Local Realtor: What's The Hardest Part Of Being A Real Estate Agent?

In today’s Ask a Local Realtor, we ask Ryan Haley what is the hardest part of being a real estate agent. Here’s what he has to say. 

“I would say that I think the things that most real estate agents struggle with the most is managing other people's emotions and managing their emotions. There's a lot of moving parts when it comes to real estate. For most people, the real estate transaction is probably the greatest financial investment and/or transaction that somebody's going to have occur in their lifetime. So, with that, there's going to be emotions both from the buyer, from a seller, and even you as a real estate agent. 

My best advice is: you as the real estate agent have to remain calm under fire and calm during the situation. Because if you can remain calm, that gives your clients—the buyers and the sellers—some more sense of calm and will help the transaction move forward in a calm manner when all possible.’

~ Ryan Haley, broker and owner of Atlantic Shores Sotheby's International Realty


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