Atlantic Shores Sotheby's International Realty Welcomes Maria Tonson as New Director of Marketing

Atlantic Shores Sotheby's International Realty is excited to welcome its new Director of Marketing, Maria Tonson, who brings with her a breadth of experience in marketing, particularly in digital marketing. 

Maria is originally from Annapolis, MD, grew up in Delaware, and started her marketing career in Delaware. After working as a sales assistant for a large national builder, she eventually ventured into marketing, first when she joined a land development company that is more regionally known.

Her experience and background in digital content creation, video creation, photography, drone photography, social media, and digital marketing as a whole make her the ideal person for the job, especially at this time when digital marketing becomes more and more important in a real estate company in the second-home market. Many of Atlantic Shores’ clients do not live in the area, and the company needs to reach those clients before they set foot in Ocean City.

Maria, on her part, is excited to join Atlantic Shores and market the prestigious brand of Sotheby’s International and the distinction behind the Sotheby’s name and what it represents in luxury real estate.

Outside of work, Maria loves spending time with her dog Gemi, flying her drone, and taking photos. 

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