Local Business Spotlight: Barn Hill Animal Preserve, Frankford, DE

This week on Local Business Spotlight, we feature Barn Hill Animal Preserve in Frankford, Delaware. 

Located in Frankford, Delaware, Barn Hill Preserve is home to over 25 species of animals including otters, two-toed sloths, red kangaroos, aardvark, and  more! 

Enjoy your time with their animal ambassadors up close, while their educators teach about animal conservation. Since the facility visits are done mostly under covered shelters, this activity is perfect for the family rain or shine. 

When you visit, you will get a full presentation experience, so be sure to come in early so you don’t miss any valuable info shared. While this is an animal-centered facility, it’s not advisable to bring along your dogs with you as it’s unpredictable how they would interact with the animals in the park. 

Barn Hill Animal Preserve also offers events such as Sippin with Sloths, Otter Swims, Kangaroo Yoga, & more!!  

Check out their Instagram @barnhilldelaware or their website to find out more. 

Barn Hill Animal Preserve is located at 34215 Peppers Corner Road, Frankford, DE. 

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