'Online Leads SUCK!' - How to Deal With Online Leads

“Online leads suck!”

We hear this over and over and time and time again, especially from real estate agents. The question is, do online leads suck, or is it your perception of an online lead and what your thought process is as to what an online lead means?

Did you know that roughly 1% of all online real estate leads actually convert?

So, it's going to depend on the lead source, but your typical lead that has filled out a form, whether it be on Facebook or Google and has signed up on your website typically converts around 1%. 

And did you know that, on average, it takes 23 attempts to be able to reach somebody after they have signed up on your website? That’s 23 attempts just to get an “FU” or a “hey, this is george,” or “I'm not interested,” or—the one you're really looking for is—”yes, I'd like to come down and look at some real estate.” 

So, the better perception is that online leads don't suck. We just need to have a better conversion model and/or follow-up plan to be able to stay in touch with the online leads.


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