Real Estate Routes: Navigating Mortgages with Kelly Drexel

In the latest episode of the Running Real Estate podcast, Ryan Haley talks with the experienced loan officer Kelly Drexel, a trusted friend and longtime associate of the Haleys.

Now affiliated with Barrett Financial Group, Kelly boasts an impressive 18-year tenure in the banking sector, predominantly serving regional banks. Her most recent role was at Farmers Bank of Willards, where she excelled as a loan officer for eight years. However, Kelly's trajectory took an exciting turn when she seized the opportunity to join Barrett Financial Group. This transition unlocked a plethora of possibilities, giving her access to over 130 diverse lenders, plus an array of financing options, including FHA, VA, USDA, and home equity lines of credit.

Throughout the interview, Kelly delves into her professional journey, highlighting the advantages of collaborating with such a broad spectrum of lenders. From flexible terms to competitive rates, she explains how this expansive network lets her craft personalized financing solutions tailored to the unique needs and situations of each client.

Whether you're a novice navigating the real estate market or a seasoned property mogul, this podcast promises invaluable insights into the intricate world of mortgage financing.

To connect with Kelly Drexel, reach out at (410) 652-6860 or drop her an email at [email protected].

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