Repairs or Improvements?

 When preparing your home to sell, is it best to focus on upgrades or repairs?

We have seen a little bit of a shift in the real estate market, and with that shift, we are finding different contingencies. There’s been a return of contingencies to our contracts, one of which is the general home inspection. 

Right now, considering how the market is behaving, it would be best to focus more on repairs than upgrades. With that, you may want to consider getting your home pre-inspected, especially if there are lots of components like a well and septic. Have those reviewed by a professional, find out which things you may need to address, and repair them ahead of time. 

If you can take care of those items, you're going to have more peace of mind and/or security when accepting a contract as you know that those repairs have already been addressed. There should not be anything new that could come up and derail your settlement, especially after you've had the property under contract. 

So right now, in today's marketplace and in most cases, it is highly recommended to focus on repairs ahead of time as opposed to doing lots of upgrades.

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