Running Real Estate Podcase: Brian Stoehr's Surfing Journey & Legacy

In this episode of the Running Real Estate Podcast, we have as our guest, Bryant Stoehr, the owner of the Wave Riding School in Ocean City, a surf school on 35th Street.

Brian’s surf school runs lessons and camps every day of the week through the season, and many in the real estate community, whether it's employees and agents or clients have had their kids or themselves go to this surf school.

Brian shares his inspiring journey from avid surfer to accomplished entrepreneur, transforming his passion for the ocean into a flourishing business. 

With more than 20 years of professional experience in wave riding and bodyboarding, Brian stands out not only as a veteran surfer but also as one of the nation's leading surfing instructors. 

He worked with a number of different companies throughout the world that make different products. Brian has had products with his name on them over the years: bodyboards, fins, glasses, clothes, and all that good stuff. He works with Catch Surf, which makes the Odyssey Logs that you see all over the place, and Beater Boards. 

His skill and commitment have established the Wave Riding School as a vital part of the local surfing scene.


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