Running the Extra Mile: Inside the Salisbury Marathon with Laura Chance - 03/26/2024

This week on Running Real Estate, Ryan Haley sits down with Laura Chance from Rev 3 and TCR Event Management. Whether you're up for a 5K, a full or half-marathon or even qualifying for the Boston Marathon, Jason and Laura have something for you. 

Laura and her husband, Jason are the driving force behind the successful Salisbury Marathon and several other athletic events that attract both local enthusiasts and athletes from afar to the Eastern Shore.

The couple’s very first event was a free 5K that they did from their bike shop on the local nature trail in St. Michaels, Maryland. Everything kind of stemmed from there, and this year, they will be hosting the Salisbury Marathon, half marathon, and 5K on April 6, 2024.

Get to know more about Laura's journey into the world of event management and the inspiration behind operating such a renowned marathon. From the challenges of organizing large-scale races to the joys of witnessing athletes achieve their goals, Laura shares valuable insights and behind-the-scenes stories that offer a unique perspective on the endurance sports industry. 

Looking to participate in this year's race? Check out for more information or to sign up! 


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