Ryan Haley Interviews Sergeant Jason Konyar for Some Tips on Staying Safe When Visiting Ocean City

Ryan Haley, realtor and owner of Atlantic Shores Sotheby’s International Realty, interviews Sergeant Jason Konyar of the Ocean City Beach Patrol to find out more about the Beach Patrol and how to stay safe while visiting Ocean City. 

Jason, who started as a lifeguard at the Beach Patrol 20 years ago, wants Ocean City visitors to know that it is good to talk to the lifeguards and ask them any questions about the beach, local restaurants, and to get to know more about the conditions of the ocean throughout the day. 

“We love that families ask their little children to go to a lifeguard and speak to a lifeguard about the current conditions because these conditions change, and they change throughout the day,” Jason says.  

“Any time we have people come to a lifeguard, we enjoy that.” 

Jason describes the big surfing community in Ocean City. Every year, the city council votes on the surfing schedule for the beaches. Surfing happens regularly from Monday to Friday at the inlet surf beach downtown. There’s no surfing on the weekends as it is too busy and crowded during those days. 

Other than the inlet surf beach, there is a rotating surf beach from Monday to Friday. Each day, the surf area moves south. There is also a chance that the surfing schedule is modified in case there is a storm coming. If there won’t be too many people swimming, then the beach is open for people to surf anywhere. 

The sergeant assures the public that the Beach Patrol keeps its services to a high standard to keep visitors at Ocean City safe. 

“Keep your feet in the sand until the lifeguard’s in the stand!”


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