Ryan Haley Podcast: Surf, Sand, & Stories With Finn Ramnarian

In this week’s podcast, join Ryan as he dives into a captivating conversation with Finn Ramnarian, the reigning Maryland State Surfing Champion and a dynamic high school senior deeply embedded in his community.

Finn offers a rare insight into life in the greater Ocean City area, having grown up amidst its vibrant culture and ever-changing waves. Unlike many residents who migrated to Ocean City, Finn brings a unique perspective shaped by his roots in the community. Excitingly, Finn will also be joining our team through a work-study program, adding his fresh energy to our endeavors.

Discover Finn's journey of self-discovery through surfing, from his initial spark of passion to his current role as a surfing instructor, teaching enthusiasts aged two to 74.

In the weeks ahead, let Finn be your trusted companion as he unveils the finest surfing spots, hidden treasures, and distinctive charms of our beloved beachfront paradise!

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