Surfing in Ocean City, MD - Top Things You Need to Know

Looking to surf in Ocean City? It’s definitely one of the best beaches for surfing, but there are several things that you’ll need to note before you head out there with your surfboard. 

Here in Ocean City, we have lifeguards that are on duty every single day in the summer from 10 a.m. to 5 30 p.m., and during those hours, surfing or stand-up surfing is not allowed in most of the normal beaches because there are people out there who are in the water having fun. 

Boogie boarding is okay and swimming is okay, but you cannot use a stand-up surfboard during those hours. The lifeguards are on duty with the exception of designated surf beaches. 

Where Are the Surf Beaches in Ocean City?

So, here in Ocean City, we have yellow lifeguard stands that designate the surf beach. 

There is one surf beach at the north end of town, one surf beach at the south end of town, and the inlet which is a designated surf beach Monday to Friday. 

These surf beaches are about a block wide and rotate south two blocks every single day. For example, today you're on 76th Street, and there's a surf beach out front. This means that you can't swim because surfing is permitted there. Tomorrow, that will be two blocks south, typically on 74th Street, and it rotates all the way to the south. Then, it goes back to the north throughout the entire summer. 

If you're in town and you want to surf, make sure you check out one of our designated surf beaches


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