Tips for Real Estate Agents: Get More Listings and Help Our Community

Ryan Haley, owner and broker of Atlantic Shores Sotheby’s International Realty, focuses on one of the biggest problems that Delmarva real estate agents face in 2021 and offers tips on how agents can help out each other. 

Real estate agents in the area know about the issue of clients having a difficult time finding the property that meets their needs.  

How can the real estate community help?

Agents are encouraged to tap into their sphere of influence, including past clients, to tell them about the state of the current real estate market. 

It is the agents’ job to educate past clients and the community and let them know about the low-supply and high-demand market that is pushing property prices up. 

Informing past clients and the community can help them know and make the decision that now is the best time to sell their property. 

Educating the community could also help people know that today is the best time to move to another property now that homes have become more affordable, thanks to low-interest rates. The move could be a lateral movement in terms of the actual monthly payments, but a step up in terms of home size and amenities. 

Today’s market is also a great time for people who invested in the resort market to cash out by listing and selling their property at a profit. 

By educating your sphere of influence, agents can bring in more inventory to the marketplace to help buyers find the property they are looking for especially as we enter the spring market. 

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