to Gain More Clients This Fall - Tip for You

As the fall market is upon us, real estate agents are looking for ways to capitalize and gain more clients which then turn into more transactions. 

Here is a tip that might help you, something that you might not be thinking about but could be a way to meet more people. 

Listings are hard to come by, but there are probably agents in your office that have listings. I would recommend that you set up a schedule and you contact four agents in your office and ask them to do an open house for them on one of their listings. That gives you the ability to have an open house, get out in front of people, and possibly, meet either the buyer for that property or a buyer who might want to buy another property. 

Then, just prior to that open house, depending on the neighborhood where it's located, you could go around and knock on 20 Doors and notify the neighbors that you're going to be holding an open house in that property. 

Since inventory is very tight, one of those neighbors might have somebody who's also looking to buy in their own backyard in an area where they feel comfortable. So that would be a way that you might not be thinking of but could allow you to meet some more clients here in the fall market. 


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