The Future of Energy Savings with Community Solar

Welcome to another episode of the Running Real Estate podcast! Today, Ryan is joined by Ed Kenny from Think Energy and Craig Lynch from Atlantic Shore Sotheby’s International Realty to delve into the incredible world of accessible solar energy.

Our mission on this podcast has always been to bring you the utmost value for your primary or vacation home, possibly even helping you save some hard-earned cash along the way. And Think Energy is at the forefront of making this vision a reality.

Think Energy operates as a platform enhancing the lives of customers across multiple deregulated states. Their innovative approach, particularly with community solar, is revolutionizing how people save on energy expenses while championing environmental sustainability and supporting local farmers.

In the past, rooftop solar was the go-to option for many seeking renewable energy solutions. However, numerous barriers prevented some from adopting this technology, be it financial constraints, shading issues, or unfavorable house orientations. Recognizing this, states like Maryland and Delaware implemented community solar programs, allowing agricultural land to be repurposed into solar farms.

Under these state-endorsed initiatives, farmers can allocate portions of their land for solar panel installations. These consolidated arrays serve as shared resources, enabling thousands of homes to benefit collectively. It’s a win-win scenario, providing a lifeline to those unable to install rooftop panels.

The advantages of community solar are abundant, including a guaranteed benefit for homeowners over two decades, with the added perk of accessibility for renters as well.

Tune in to discover the myriad benefits awaiting homeowners through community solar. Our discussion will guide you through the process, shedding light on how Think Energy collaborates with local communities to establish these groundbreaking solar projects. You’ll learn how individuals can subscribe to a portion of these solar arrays, unlocking the advantages of clean energy without the complexities or costs associated with traditional panel setups.

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