What Is the Right Mortgage For You?

When it comes to mortgages, there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all. 

How do you choose a mortgage that is right for you? What are the types of mortgages available for you?

In this video, Ryan Haley lets us in on why this is so. 

Types of Mortgages

There are different types of mortgages and depending on where you are at in your home buying career, the type of home you're looking to buy and the intent of use of that home are going to dictate and help you determine the right mortgage for that particular property. 

We have properties and/or mortgages that will allow somebody to get 100-percent financing with a USDA loan. We could see low down payment government-assisted mortgages like FHA. 

We also have products specifically for veterans with the VA or Veterans Administration loans. Then, we see low down payment conventional, your traditional 20% down conventional, and also investment loans and/or mortgages specifically for investment properties. 

So, depending on what type of home you're going to buy, you will also help to determine the right mortgage for you. 


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