What is Included and Excluded in a Home Sale?

People ask all the time, “what is included in a typical sale here at the beach?”

If you’re also curious, Ryan Haley provides an explanation. 

One of the unique aspects of our beach location is that 90 to 95 percent of the property sold in the greater Ocean City area are sold fully furnished. That means your furniture, your TVs, your pots, your pans, dishes, and linens, but typically, not personal items. 

However, “personal items” is a gray area. What defines a personal item? 

One of the keys, when you decide to list your property, is to be very clear, to itemize the items that will be specifically excluded from the sale. 

As opposed to just saying “personal items,” you might want to put in there, wall hangings and family pictures. It could be your grandmother's perfect bench that sits over in the corner. Whatever it may be, you want to be very clear from the beginning as to what's excluded. 


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