Why You Need to Stay Agile in Moments of Uncertainty in the Real Estate Industry

“Everybody's got a plan, until they get punched in the face.” 

You might have heard that quote before from Mike Tyson. However, it is also a quote that can certainly translate into the real estate industry, whether it's real estate market conditions changing or that deal where everything was going so well until today when you found out the property didn't appraise, or maybe they found termites, or a hole in the roof, or suddenly we can't get in touch with the seller. 

There are so many moving parts in a real estate transaction. As a real estate agent, the way we've done things for years might be changing. We might be at that point where we've gotten punched in the face. 

But, it is our job to remain cool under pressure, to remain agile, to constantly be learning, to ensure that we don't overreact and we put our clients in the best position to be able to make informed decisions in those moments of uncertainty. 

As a real estate agent, make sure you stay agile, so you would be able to avoid that punch in the face. 


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