Why Your New Home In Ocean City Won’t Have a Basement

Basements… did you know that there are no basements at the beach?

One of the things that is typically a surprise to many first-time buyers from out of the Ocean City area—whether that's first-time home buyers and/or first-time vacation home buyersis that we do not have basements at the beach. Ryan Haley gives us a short explanation why that is. 

Our water table in Ocean City is typically at a level that just does not allow construction of basements. So, the types of construction that we typically see here are that of a crawl space. Basically, these are cement blocks that are built up, usually four to five courses high. Then, the house is built on top of that. So, there's no living space, there's no storage space. It's truly what we call a crawl space that is under the home. 

Now with crawl spaces, there are definitely things to look for and things you would want to keep an eye on when purchasing. That's where the home inspection piece comes into place. 

It's always a good idea to have somebody take a look at your crawl space to make sure that everything is good. 


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